Hannah Wilkinson, the gay New Zealand player, is the early hero of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, after scoring the lone goal in New Zealand’s 1-0 upset win over Norway.

It was the opening match of this year’s World Cup, played in Wilkinson’s home country. According to the Associated Press, and it was a record crowd for a women’s soccer match in New Zealand.

It was New Zealand’s first-ever win in the Women’s World Cup.

In 2017, Wilkinson penned a heartfelt column for Out For The Win that also ran on Outsports.

She wrote about the fear she felt before coming out to her teammates, something we hear from closeted athletes regularly. Also as common: Her teammates showed her support.

“I didn’t get any negative reactions, even though I expected to. I think when you are closeted you imagine the absolute worst. I was really pleasantly surprised by everyone’s reactions.”

Norway is ranked No. 12 in the world, while New Zealand is ranked No. 26. New Zealand next plays the Philippines, in which they will be favorites. A win there would put them in great position to advance to the knockout rounds.