Filippa Angeldahl of Sweden got her FIFA Women’s World Cup moment the out LGBTQ player will never forget.

With seven of eight teams in the FIFA Women’s World Cup Quarterfinals rostering out gay, lesbian, or bi players, the odds were pretty good that someone from Team LGBTQ would emerge as a hero in one of the most important matches of the tournament.

As if on cue, Angeldahl answered the call, with her penalty kick goal providing the margin of victory in her team’s 2-1 triumph over Japan.

Leading 1-0 entering the 51st minute, Sweden was awarded the penalty when the referee consulted VAR and determined that Japan had committed a handball. Angeldahl was selected to take the penalty kick and matched up with Japan goalkeeper Ayaka Yamashita.

With every eye in the sold-out stadium focused on her, Angeldahl calmly approached the ball and gradually accelerated her tempo. As she unloaded a kick, Yamashita dove to her left.

She chose wrong.

Here’s the biggest moment in Angeldahl’s soccer career.

Angeldahl buried the ball in the opposite corner for her first World Cup goal to put Sweden on top, 2-0. While Japan scored a late tally in the 87th minute to prevent the shutout, Angldahl’s goal was too much to overcome.

As Angeldahl celebrated her achievement, one of her most important fans was also exalting for her. In May of 2022, Angeldahl posted a photo to her Instagram account announcing her engagement to sports agent Megan Brakes, one of her most prominent supporters. When Angeldahl plays for Manchester City, Brakes has frequently been spotted cheering her on in the stands.

“It means an incredible amount,” Angeldahl enthused regarding her fiancée’s presence. “Having that support here on-site means that you get extra tagged.”

The two have shared their relationship with fans on social media, occasionally posting photos sharing an adorable kiss or an affectionate glimpse into their life together.

There is no doubt Brakes was enthusiastically cheering Angeldahl’s achievement on the World Cup stage. Thanks to Angeldahl’s successful penalty kick, every Swedish fan was in the mood to party as the triumphant ABBA music played in the stands all night.