Jul 2, 2022; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Sean Strickland (red gloves) reacts after a loss to Alex Pereira (blue gloves) fight in a bout during UFC 276 at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports | Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Strickland has been showing off his homophobia like a peacock over the last couple of months. While he has long shared his awful “views” about gay people, it’s all been ramped up since being asked two extremely innocuous LGBTQ questions.

His behavior, what has devolved into one of the most awful demonstrations of homophobia we’ve seen from a professional athlete in the United States, has left many people wondering the same question:

Is Sean Strickland gay?

One of the many to ask the question out loud is gay sports advocate Brock McGillis. The former hockey pro has seen this pattern before. As have so many people across sports.

It’s a sentiment that many gay men know. Myself included.

And it’s a dynamic that even Scientific American has written about.

Closeted male athletes can act homophobic to hide they are gay

When I was growing up, I went out of my way to make jokes against gay guys. I even used gay slurs (though extremely rarely). When I was president of my fraternity in college, I once publicly told a gay advocate and speaker that there was something mentally wrong with him for being gay.

All of it, including my devotion to Christianity, was designed to hide that I was gay. All of it.

Sound familiar? It’s the same exact utterly misguided nonsense Strickland is spewing this week, and what he’s shared in the past.

Make no mistake: McGillis and I aren’t the only people now wondering if Strickland is gay. Some are blatant about their curiosity.

Others seem to be dropping it as hints and coded language.

Whatever it is, Strickland has a bizarre obsession with gay men. And it’s not just gay men. It’s talking about their intimacy in graphic ways.

His need to talk about it publicly in such graphic terms is certainly designed to prove something to somebody. And, as some people have picked up, it’s a way for some men who do this to express their gay energy.

Strickland’s public obsession with gay men is now clearly leading many people to think he’s gay, or at least wonder about it.

I feel mostly bad for the people who read his schtick. And yeah, I also feel badly for him, if he is in fact gay and hiding it with homophobia.

Been there. Done that.

Sean, call me if you need help.

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