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Survey: Trans Physical Activity Participants

This study looks to better understand the physical activity experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming adults.

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Looking for Trans & Non-binary Study Participants

A doctoral student is looking to study transgender and non-binary adults’ perceived barriers and facilitators to participation in high school physical education or sport.

Important study of trans athletes looking for people to participate

Joanna Harper is part of a group looking to study transgender athletes as they transition.

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Calling all proud LGBTQ athletes for research study!

LGBTQ athletes needed for research study - please take a few minutes to fill out this survey by March 7.

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Study looking for trans and nonbinary athletes

A new academic study is looking at perceptions of inclusion in high school sports held by trans and nonbinary athletes.

Out In Sports study proves what we’ve known for years: Athletes support LGBTQ teammates

For years out LGBTQ athletes have talked about receiving support from teammates. Now we have the proof.

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Research study seeks LGBTQ+ collegiate athletes

A doctoral student is looking for LGBTQ+ college athletes for a research study looking at their experiences

Have you been out to teammates in the UK? Please take this important survey

Outsports is again teaming up with academics to look at the environment facing out LGBTQ athletes in sport, this time in the UK.

Have you been out to teammates? Please take this important, confidential survey

A new survey studies the experiences of LGBTQ athletes who have been out on high school or college teams.

Homophobia not widespread in men’s sports, professor’s 20 years of research show

Eric Anderson came out as a gay coach in 1993. Since then the dozens of studies he and others have conducted show homophobia in men’s sports evaporating.

Male athletes are widely accepting of gay teammates, says new in-depth study

Three researchers studied coming-out stories on Outsports. They found a men’s sports world supportive of out gay athletes.

Out LGBTQ Teacher of the Year winner knelt during anthem at college football championship

Kelly Holstine says she took a knee in protest during "The Star-Spangled Banner" to stand up for the marginalized and oppressed.

Another study shows homophobic language isn’t linked to rejection of gay athletes

When hockey players in Australia use homophobic language, it drives LGB athletes from the ice.

Homophobic language not linked to rejection of gay athletes, says new study

The very athletes who say they use gay slurs also say they would accept a gay teammate, according to new research.

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Female Division 1 Athletes Needed for Research

Former college athlete looking for women in several sports to take anonymous survey.

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Researchers looking for gay men working in sports

Researchers at Univ. of Massachusetts seek participants for a study that explores the career paths of gay men working in sports.

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Doctoral dissertation call for trans athletes

Looking for trans athletes for a qualitative inquiry into the experiences of the high school transgender athlete.

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Sexuality in sports project seeks female athletes

This project is looking to study the role of homophobia in women's sports.

Gay, straight athletes needed for study of LGBTQ issues in college sports

Researcher wants to examine attitudes in collegiate athletics.

Study says LGB kids more likely to avoid sports than straight youth

Gay boys half as likely to play sports, study says.

Academic study says some college athletes call themselves ‘allies’

Athletes call themselves ‘allies’ because of their beliefs and actions.

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Research project on LGBT athletic trainers

A student at Indiana State University is looking at the perceptions of LGBT athletic trainers.

Study: 82% of LGB athletes witness homophobia

A new international study - Out on the Fields - says 82% of lesbian, gay and bisexual athletes have witnessed or experienced homophobic actions in sports.

Study: LGBT people only tool in changing minds

A new study says what we have believed for a while: The only effective way to make change for LGBT athletes is for said athletes to come out and share their stories.

Survey looking for male former NCAA athletes

Take the sports participation survey

Gay volunteers needed for UCLA study

Being openly gay in Dartmouth athletics

Masculine sports culture starting to accept gay sex


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