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Out pro wrestling stars AC Mack and Rico Gonzalez announce engagement

Mack, now retired, and Gonzalez got engaged on the beaches of Puerto Rico.

‘Cassandro’ finds beauty in complexity to honor a queer pro wrestling pioneer

‘Cassandro’ captures the legendary luchador’s story without sugarcoating the reality of his journey.

Trio of out pro wrestlers make history at TNT Extreme Wrestling’s ‘GCW vs. TNT’ event

Che Monet became the first out LGBTQ world champion in U.K. pro wrestling history, while Dark Sheik and Helen Charlotte Campbell wrestled in the first singles match between out trans women on British soil.

Gay lucha libre legend Cassandro inducted into AAA Hall of Fame

Cassandro becomes the first exotico and first out LGBTQ pro wrestler inducted into the famed Mexican promotion’s Hall of Fame.

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Zander Murray feels ‘powerful’ a year after coming out as gay

Exclusive: The Scottish striker is one of very few active male pro soccer players anywhere in the world to be out as LGBTQ. He talks to Outsports ahead of the U.K.’s Football Pride event.

Out wrestler Jake Atlas said alcohol abuse played key role in domestic violence arrest

Jake Atlas addressed his substance abuse, mental health struggles and said that his relationship with his partner ‘is not abusive in any way.’

Out AEW star Jake Atlas arrested on domestic violence charges

Atlas, who is recovering from a torn ACL, was arrested after allegedly physically charging his partner in the early morning hours of May 23.

AC Mack is pro wrestling’s first out LGBTQ male world champion

AC Mack defeated Alex Shelley for the IWTV Independent Wrestling World championship in the main event of "Southeast First" on Friday night.

Jake Atlas returns to pro wrestling, signs with All Elite Wrestling

After four months away from the ring, Jake Atlas has found a new pro wrestling home in All Elite Wrestling

Out pro wrestler Jai Vidal’s breakout year continues with Impact Wrestling debut

Jai Vidal brings his authentic self, Louis Vuitton gear and Power Bottom Bomb included, to Impact Wrestling debut Thursday night.

WWE referee Shawn Bennett comes out as gay on National Coming Out Day

Shawn Bennett, who referees WWE matches on "Raw," is living out and proud as his true self.

Out basketball coach Seth Hayes found ‘family’ after coming out. Now she’s doing the same for others

Denison University’s Seth Hayes found acceptance after coming out as gay in high school and now genderqueer in coaching.

Pro wrestler Chris Kanyon’s story cannot be told without LGBTQ voices

Kanyon, one of the first out gay wrestlers, is the subject of the latest episode of Vice’s ‘Dark Side of the Ring,’ but the absence of LGBTQ voices in telling his story is unacceptable.

Hannah Roberts and Perris Benegas are out athletes going for BMX Freetsyle gold for Team USA

Hannah Roberts, Perris Benegas and Chelsea Wolfe are ready to make history for Team USA when BMX Freestyle debuts at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Out gay Impact Wrestling superfan Miguel Contreras feels seen by the promotion he loves

Contreras, a former pro wrestler himself, won Impact Wrestling’s #ImpactSuperFan contest earlier this month.

New documentary ‘Cassius: Pride of Brighton’ sparkles in the pro wrestling spotlight

The film documents the rise of out British pro wrestler Cassius to claim Riptide Wrestling’s Pride of Brighton championship.

Out pro wrestler Parrow brings Pride to deathmatch wrestling with Fear The Gay Agenda

Orlando-based No Peace Underground will host Parrow and EFFY’s LGBTQ no-ring deathmatch event on June 11.

Pro wrestler Jack Andrews comes out as gay in spiritual fashion

Andrews rose to prominence in recent years in Paradigm Pro Wrestling and Unsanctioned Pro as one half of The Awesome Odyssey.

LGBTQ, other marginalized voices return to Tampa’s WrestleMania week with a new purpose

IWTV Family Reunion, GCW’s Acid Cup and For the Culture, Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Shit and EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch are ready to showcase what marginalized groups in pro wrestling can do.

Tennessee joins Arkansas, Mississippi in banning girls and women from school sports

These atrocities are being reported as a ‘trans ban’ when in fact what these Republican governors have done is violated the U.S. Constitution.

New Operator Flores brings the rainbow flag to Rainbow Six Siege

Today’s launch of Operation Crimson Heist introduces Rainbow Six Siege’s first out LGBTQ character.

Synergy Pro Wrestling shutters after out owner Patrick Shea revealed to be registered sex offender

Synergy Pro Wrestling owner Patrick Shea, one of the few out wrestling promoters, actively concealed his criminal past to the wrestling world by operating under the name Colin West.

Out pro wrestler Parrow returns to Major League Wrestling on MLW Fusion

Parrow made his first MLW appearance in over two years on Wednesday night’s episode of MLW Fusion.

Catholic high school corrects a 63-year-old homophobic wrong, honors gay track star

After a long and successful career in politics and comedy, Tom Ammiano finally receives a varsity track letter he earned with a 1958 victory.

Mikah Meyer is running across Mississippi for LGBTQ rights

Prompted by a vote of online supporters, the noted adventurer and advocate takes a message of inclusion to a tough room.

Gay Diamondbacks executive Nona Lee leads team’s push for LGBTQ inclusion

Over two decades, Lee has witnessed baseball becoming more LGBTQ friendly. Now, through D-backs for Change, she’s helping the game embrace our community even more.

Out wrestler AC Mack’s pro wrestling purpose goes beyond titles

Titleless for the first time in nearly four years after his 798-day Action Wrestling title reign ended on Feb. 12, AC Mack is ready for what is next.

Out soccer player Collin Martin joins gay college soccer captain in a TikTok conversation

The San Diego Loyals’ Collin Martin was on TikTok Friday night talking with out gay college soccer captain Couper Gunn of the Sports Equality Foundation.

These 4 LGBTQ-inclusive ads aired in the Super Bowl

Billie Jean King, RuPaul, Lil Nas X and Dan Levy appear in commercials that ran on CBS during Super Bowl LV.

What time is the Super Bowl in gay, straight, lesbian and trans time?

When is kickoff time for Super Bowl LV between the Chiefs and Buccaneers? It depends.

LGBTQ pro wrestlers tell their stories at EFFY’s Big Gay Block

‘We’ve only just begun.’

EFFY’s Big Gay Block places LGBTQ pro wrestling in the industry’s narrative

GCW’s 24-hour wrestling event, Fight Forever, is getting a lot gayer.