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Mixed Martial Arts

How the word ‘skull’ has been used to attack trans athletes, and Fallon Fox in particular

People who oppose trans women in female sports obfuscate the conversation with the word ‘skull,’ and Fallon Fox’s MMA career in particular.

Top 10: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"I’m just trying to make it not as tough for the next generation," says a basketball superstar on this list, along with executives with a Major League Baseball team and CBS, an NFL player and soccer legends.

Honorees 31-40: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"I look the impact of integrating LGBTQ narratives into sports as my impact," says a sports editor on this list, along with two former Olympians and people from the NBA, MMA, and a college sports.

Honorees 51-60: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"When you do come into your workspace, you don’t want to feel hindered or like you’ve got to hide yourself," says a WNBA star on the list, along with people from the NBA, UFC and wheelchair basketball.

Honorees 71-80: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"Since I have been completely out, I feel like I am on a victory tour with every conversation I have," says a pro soccer exec on this list with people from the WNBA, NBC, CBS, ESPN and U.S. Ski and Snowboard.

MMA fighter wants to fight 10 trans men. A trans wrestler says ‘Game on!’

Jake Shields thinks he’s proving some point about trans athletes. Wrestler Mack Beggs quickly called him out.

Liz Carmouche defends her title, stays undefeated with Bellator

Carmouche, with her signature pride rainbow mouthguard, goes to 6-0 with Bellator.

Liz Carmouche has been targeted by homophobia. She’s not going anywhere.

Carmouche says she’s lost sponsors due to homophobia, and gay/bi men have it worse. She defends her Bellator title April 21.

UFC fighter Jeff Molina publicly comes out as bi after being outed

Molina is believed to be the first male fighter in UFC history to come out.

Former UFC fighter Nate Marquardt responds to gay kiss on TV with homophobic Twitter rant

After seeing a gay kiss in a commercial, Marquardt unleashed a series of bigoted tweets, saying gays deserve ‘death.’

West Virginia MMA coach and fighters are offering security for a drag brunch

Johnny Haught, who owns an MMA training school in the Ohio Valley, is standing up for drag queens.

Out MMA fighter Larissa Pacheco wins PFL Lightweight championship in stunning upset

Pacheco defeated previously unbeaten and two-time PFL Lightweight champion Kayla Harrison by unanimous decision.

Documentary on trans MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin in production

The trans MMA fighter eyes her next fight as she tells the story of her debut.

Outsports Transgender Athlete Advocate of the Year: Alana McLaughlin

The MMA fighter seeks to continue Fallon Fox’s legacy, but also opened her first fight leaving a special legacy of her own.

The Fallon Fox legacy evolved in Alana McLaughlin’s debut MMA win

McLaughlin’s win last week was just as sweet for the "Bravest Athlete In History."

Alana McLaughlin grabs trailblazing MMA debut win by submission

A rear chokehold forces Celine Provost to submit as McLaughlin rallies back to gain a first win by a trans fighter in seven years.

Trans fighter Alana McLaughlin makes MMA debut tonight

The trans MMA fighter faces France’s Celine Provost on Combate Global’s live fight card on Paramount+

Former UFC fighter Alistair Overeem goes anti-gay in describing pro wrestling

During an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani Monday, Overeem described pro wrestling as ‘gay.’

Alana McLaughlin: ‘I want to pick up the mantle that Fallon put down,’ with fight postponed due to COVID

Seven years after Fallon Fox left the ring, McLaughlin readies for her MMA debut and talked about how Fox inspires her efforts, on The Trans Sporter Room.

MMA pioneer Rosi Sexton once opposed Fallon Fox competing. Now she explains why she supports trans athletes

Rosi Sexton says she’s looked into the science of transitioning and supports Fallon Fox’s career in MMA.

Aguilar and Grant discuss building a relationship during pandemic times

Despite Aguilar contracting COVID-19, the MMA fighter and actress have emerged as an exemplary couple.

UFC offering fighters to have names in rainbow colors during Pride month

UFC fight kits featuring rainbow colors will also be available for fans during Pride month.

UFC fighter Donald Cerrone’s ‘gay lovers’ line adds to his history of homophobic comments

During the UFC on ESPN 24 media day on Wednesday, Cerrone referred to former UFC fighter Diego Sanchez and Sanchez’s coach, Joshua Fabia, as ‘gay lovers’ pejoratively.

MMA fighter and Tony nominee find love amid the pandemic

The XFC’s Jessica Aguilar and ‘Search Party’s’ Shalita Grant were introduced during lockdown. Soon after, they started a pandemic romance.

The Fallon Fox Story: Movie about the MMA trailblazer is in development

Mark Gordon Pictures, along with the creative team behind the acclaimed documentary "Man Made," plans to tell the transgender pioneer’s story.

UFC’s silence on Florida’s anti-trans sports bills is ‘deafening’

With UFC 261 taking place in Florida on April 24 in the shadow of the state’s push for anti-trans sports bills, the promotion remains quiet on the issue.

This pro fighter is a proud drag queen

Diego Garijo carries the same confidence whether he’s taping up his fingers to fight or putting on heels to perform on stage.

Jessica Andrade to challenge UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 261

Andrade could become the second woman in UFC history to win championships in two different divisions.

4 myths and flat-out lies being told about trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox

A false image and misleading claims of a ‘broken skull’ are being used to attack trans women in sports.

Here’s a great way to start 2021: Come out

It’s a new year! Unfortunately, Some of 2020’s worst problems followed us into 2021, like the dearth of out pro male athletes. A New Year’s message from the managing editor.

After making history, out former MMA fighter Sharice Davids expected to cruise to reelection in Kansas

In an upset, Davids was elected to Congress in 2018. She’s projected to win reelection handedly this time around.

Jessica Andrade makes history in UFC flyweight debut

Andrade became the first woman in UFC history to win fights in three different divisions with her victory at UFC Fight Island 6 Saturday.


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