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National Basketball Association

This out gay dancer is making history with the Celtics

Patrick Opran performs as his authentic self every night at Boston’s TD Garden, in front of thousands of raucous Celtics fans.

Here are the 6 gay men who have been out publicly while competing in pro basketball

These gay athletes have broken through the noise to find they can be accepted as gay athletes in basketball.

Former Kentucky Wildcat, pro basketball player Isaac Humphries comes out as gay

Isaac Humphries also played 5 games for the Atlanta Hawks in 2019. He’s the latest pro athlete to come out as gay.

Dwyane Wade and ex-wife spar over their daughter Zaya’s request to change her name and gender

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade is accusing Wade of exploiting his transgender daughter for fame and endorsement deals.

Lakers hosting Pride Night against Anthony Edwards and Timberwolves

The Lakers are giving away Pride jerseys as Edwards plays one of his first games after using a gay slur.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says Anthony Edwards’ cliché-filled apology for his anti-gay language isn’t enough

The NBA legend is calling on Edwards to back up his words with actions to help the LGBTQ community.

Anthony Edwards fined $40k by NBA, no mention of gay community or homophobia

Edwards recorded himself spewing homophobia then posted it on his own social media.

Will the NBA discipline Anthony Edwards? The LGBT community is watching

All the Pride flags in the world won’t give the NBA cover if they fail to properly address this clear use of a gay slur by its star.

Anthony Edwards uses anti-gay language, Timberwolves issue substance-less statement

Anthony Edwards chose to share his unfortunate use of ‘queer’ with hundreds of thousands of followers then apologized.

NBA Hall of Famer Tim Hardaway takes ownership of his homophobic upbringing

With his Hall of Fame induction a week away, Hardaway reflects on how growing up in the church inspired his infamous "I hate gay people" rant.

Top Phoenix Suns basketball exec Ryan Resch comes out as gay

‘Ultimately my goal is to normalize for people in and out of the league the existence of gay men and women on the basketball side," Ryan Resch says.

Mark Jackson continues to face allegations of graphic homophobia

Jackson has reportedly been turned down by the Kings and Lakers for their coaching positions.

Dwyane Wade shares heartfelt message to parents of trans children

Wade says he’s never forgotten what he felt when his daughter was born.

Magic Johnson talks about coming to love his gay son

When EJ Johnson came out to his dad, it took him some time to process the news.

Torrey Craig offers sincere apology for anti-gay tweets, talks about embracing the LGBTQ community

Craig says his tweets from 2011 don’t reflect who he is today: a father with LGBTQ family members.

76ers forward Paul Reed apologizes for anti-gay tweets from his past

Reed was one of 40 NBA players whose previous homophobic tweets were featured in a recent Outsports story.

NBA player Torrey Craig silent about old tweets hating ‘gay dudes,’ laughing about shooting them

Torrey Craig previously retweeted a message about putting ‘a bullet’ in the head of gay men, saying he hates ‘gay dudes.’ And much more.

A gay NBA fan found 78 homophobic tweets by 40 players on 23 teams

Many tweets came years ago. It doesn’t lessen the sting for the gay fan who discovered them, or other gay men in basketball.

Celtics forward Grant Williams used Pride Night to show support for his LGBTQ friends

Williams says he tries to use his platform to empower the LGBTQ community whenever possible.

Chicago Bulls show how Pride Night should be done with halftime drag celebration

The Bulls enlist one of Chicago’s most talented drag queens to pull off a tribute to great moments in LGBTQ history.

76ers broadcaster Kate Scott is the out LGBTQ announcer she didn’t see growing up

As the TV voice of the Sixers, Scott takes her place as one of the most prominent out gay figures in sports broadcasting.

Each of America’s big 5 sports currently has an out gay man in the pros. That’s never happened

For the first time, pro baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer has an out gay male player under contract.

Houston Rockets promote Clay Allen, who is openly gay, as general counsel

Clay Allen started with the Rockets 20 years ago and is now their lead counsel. He has a twin brother, also gay.

This is what it’s really like when a gay athlete hears gay slurs uttered by teammates

Brock McGillis suffered for years hearing the very things Kevin Durant and Sebastian Lletget were allowed to say.

To NBA, a fine is just fine as Kevin Durant returns to the Nets

LGBTQ advocacy groups and LGBTQ fans are not satisfied with the league’s response to KD’s direct message beef with actor Michael Rapaport.

Phoenix Suns treat LGBTQ fans to 2021’s first in-person Pride Night in NBA

The honor of hosting 2021’s very first in-person Pride night in the NBA since the pandemic began goes to the Phoenix Suns.

Rick Welts, legendary gay NBA executive, announces retirement

Welts came out as gay in 2011, and proceeded to lead the Golden State Warriors through their most successful decade ever.

NBA, Nets, coaches and players have all botched the response to Kevin Durant’s anti-gay comments

Kevin Durant used the most graphic anti-gay language I’ve ever heard from a pro athlete. The NBA response? Crickets.

Kevin Durant’s nasty anti-gay insults are inexcusable for any supposed LGBTQ ally

Durant, who’s publicly supported LGBTQ issues, pelted actor Michael Rapaport with homophobic insults on Twitter.

Dwyane Wade takes heartfelt stand against anti-trans laws

The NBA legend continues to show what it means to be a straight ally.

Why are there so few out LGBTQ sports broadcasters?

With the LGBTQ community being represented in so many aspects of sports, the lack of out play-by-play voices is striking.

Here’s a great way to start 2021: Come out

It’s a new year! Unfortunately, Some of 2020’s worst problems followed us into 2021, like the dearth of out pro male athletes. A New Year’s message from the managing editor.