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Outgames made a profit

After the 2006 Outgames in Montreal lost millions of dollars, it's great to see the revamped Outgames made a profit last year. From GLISA's press release:

The board of directors of the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association (GLISA) is proud to announce that the Copenhagen 2009 Outgames has declared a profit of DKK 1.2 Million (164,000 Euro, $234,000 USD).

This financial success continues the profitability of the Continental Outgames held in Melbourne, Australia and Calgary Canada.

"The profits from the CHP2009 Outgames will be allocated to charitable GLBT sports, cultural, and human rights related purposes in accordance with the articles of the association", stated Per Hermansen CHP2009 Finance Director.

We've said for years that these quadrennial events should focus less on extravagance and more on staying in the black. This is a good sign of things to come.