Outsports ran hundreds of stories in 2016, including the coming-out of over 100 people in sports and coverage of the Summer Olympics. These were our 25 most-read stories of the year. We’ll be counting down in December, unveiling No. 1 on Dec. 30.

25) NCAA must kick out BYU and anti-gay members, or North Carolina move is meaningless
Dozens of NCAA member schools, including BYU, maintain policies that target and discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender athletes and coaches. Their continued membership undercuts the NCAA's North Carolina move.

24) Able to breathe: This gay college football player was stifled by masculinity and Christianity
Andre Apodaca struggled with being gay as a Christian athlete.

23) Stephen Curry's incoherent response to North Carolina anti-LGBT law
The NBA superstar offers a muddled response on the issue.

22) ESPN Radio's Steve Mason used Atlanta Falcons NFL Combine questions to come out as gay
SPN Radio host Steve Mason has kept his identity as a gay man from the public for years. Now he opens up in hopes of inspiring others to be true to themselves.

21) The first Olympic marriage proposal in Rio is between this rugby player and her girlfriend
Brazilian rugger Isadora Cerullo got a marriage proposal from her girlfriend after she helped her team to a ninth-place finish in the inaugural Olympic rugby tournament.

20) Despite fear, young gay rodeo cowboy came out to open arms in rural South Dakota
With glassy eyes, my dad sat me down at the table. "PJ, you know I will always love you no matter what," my dad said. "This doesn't change who you are nor does it make you any less of a person. I am proud to call you my son."

19) Six male athletes come out at Yale, create LGBT student-athlete support group
Six male athletes at Yale, all of whom are in different stages of coming out, have started a powerful new support group specifically for LGBT athletes at Yale.

18) Hot male gymnasts of the Rio Olympics
The men of the mat.

17) Florida school principal posts gay people must 'be put to death' in wake of Orlando shooting
A principal at a Florida school posted on Facebook 36 hours after the Orlando massacre that gay people are "sick" and quoted the Bible saying they must "be put to death."

16) Nike airing commercial featuring trans athlete Chris Mosier tonight on NBC during Olympics
Nike features groundbreaking trans athlete Chris Mosier in its 'Unlimited Courage' series tonight on NBC during the Rio Olympics.

15) Gay Cardinals Minor League player quit baseball when teammates said gays should be killed
Tyler Dunnington wants to get back into baseball after spending one season in the Minor Leagues with the St. Louis Cardinals. He quit in 2015 after hearing a coach and teammates talk about killing gay people.

14) Olympic gymnast Danell Leyva wants to 'Make America gay again,' supports trans rightsOlympic gymnast Danell Leyva doesn't shy away from his support of the LGBT community with a big bold gay T-shirt and some strong words about equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people.

13) IOC calls Olympic Grindr sex article 'unacceptable,' says Daily Beast sent Nico Hines homeIOC calls Olympic Grindr sex article 'unacceptable,' says Daily Beast sent Nico Hines home.

12) NFL Network shows combine player's penis falling out of his shortsPlayer can only laugh at his 'oops' moment on national TV.

11) When University of Minnesota football player came out as gay, his teammate said: 'That takes balls, man.'
"It was the acceptance from my teammates that I will remember," says Luke McAvoy, who hid his secret for years. "I wish I came out sooner."

10) Gay college basketball player from Arkansas survived rape, now proudly comes out
Nathan Fort has struggled with being gay for much of his life. The college basketball player from rural Arkansas opens up about his belief in God and Jesus Christ getting him through some very tough times.

9) Former NHLer Paul Bissonnette drops company after transphobic Sidney Crosby tweet
Paul Bissonnette ended his relationship with a "hockey clothing" company that tweeted a misguided message about trans people and Sydney Crosby.

8) There are a record 11 openly gay male Olympians in Rio. None is an American.It's baffling why American male athletes don't come out publicly.

7) WNBA star, U.S. Olympian Elena Delle Donne comes out publicly
The Chicago Sky player is engaged to her fiancee, Amanda Clifton.

6) Out gay Olympic swimmer to Daily Beast: You just put my Olympic friends' lives at risk
Amini Fonua, who is openly gay and represents Tonga at the Olympics, lashed out at The Daily Beast and writer Nico Hines for out gay athletes at the Olympics, some of whom are Fonua's friends.

5) Olympic fans taunt lesbian soccer players with homophobic chant
Reports say that out LGBT soccer players from the United States, Canada and Australia had to endure anti-gay chants from fans in their opening matches in Rio.

4) NBC Sports has a gay problem
Whether it's with Olympic coverage or NFL commentary, NBC Sports fails the LGBT community over and over again.

3) When gay Sailor was outed, he found his Navy buddies had his back
Conner Curnick, a college water polo player now in the Navy, finds he can be his authentic self despite obstacles.

2) A record 56 out LGBT athletes compete in Rio Olympics
The Rio Olympics has 56 publicly out LGBT athletes, the most ever for an Olympics.

1) This is ESPN's Curt Schilling's disgusting view of transgender people
Curt Schilling demonstrated a disgusting view of trans people in a Facebook post yesterday. Given ESPN's long largely positive history with the LGBT community, he has to be fired over this.