This weekend, many folks are starting to emerge from lockdown despite the continuing coronavirus pandemic. Not me, I’m here at home with my weekly look at the week that was: the glorious victories, the ignominious defeats, and the players and personalities in LGBT sports who made them, lived them or just couldn’t avoid them.

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This week we have an update on last week’s top hopeful, an out college football player who did not get selected in the NFL Draft, but first a big setback for the USWNT, who remain determined to win their battle for equality.

Hopeful: USWNT vows to keep fighting for equal pay in light of judge’s ruling

A federal judge ruled in favor of the U.S. Soccer Federation Friday in the two side’s longstanding pay discrimination suit.

Loser: The NFL, for not giving Scott Frantz his shot. Has homophobia played a role?

There are several factors out of Frantz’s control that are contributing to him being ignored by NFL teams.

Winners: Why we’re done waiting for openly gay NFL star

As young LGBT athletes continue to lead on representation, the idea of an openly gay NFL star is becoming less important.

Losers: Those who disrespected the WNBA during NFL Draft weekend

Adam Schefter’s tweet celebrating the return of live sports with the NFL Draft irked many within the WNBA community, including Mystics guard Natasha Cloud.

Winners: Outsports Trivia Night

How much do you know about LGBTQ sports history and recent stories? More than a dozen readers competed against one of our contributors for Outsports supremacy.

Loser: Why Jeff Goldblum’s comments about Islam on ‘Drag Race’ were problematic

Queer Muslim writer Samer Hassan says Gold.

Hopeful: Diana Taurasi tells Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe her next dream is to own a team

The latest edition of “A Touch More” was chat show gold.

Winners: Everyone celebrating Lesbian Visibility Day

A week-long observance of, by and for women who love women culminated in Sunday’s Lesbian Visibility Day.

Hopeful: Kendall Wesenberg is an out Olympian in the unique sport of skeleton

Wesenberg explains what exactly skeleton is, and why she finds conversations about sexuality so fascinating.

Winner: Swimming coach Emma Collings-Barnes: ‘I live my best life because I’m a lesbian’

Emma Collings-Barnes represented Great Britain as a swimmer before moving into coaching. She shared her story with Sky Sports for Lesbian Visibility Week.

Winners: The soccer player and the reporter: a love story

Anita Asante plays soccer for Chelsea. Beth Fisher played hockey for Wales but now works as a sports reporter. They agreed to give their first interview as a couple for Lesbian Visibility Week, to Sky Sports.

Hopeful: Megan Rapinoe tells Joe Biden she would be his vice president

The soccer star made the offer in an Instagram Live chat with Biden and his wife.

Winner: As coronavirus brutalizes minority communities, WNBA guard Layshia Clarendon sees call to action

The WNBA’s first gender non-conforming player explains her involvement with Masks for the People.

Hopeful: Stuck in Spain as pandemic began, tennis player ‘felt uncertain and alone’

Coronavirus LGBTQ impact: Nick Lee was enjoying post-college life teaching in Madrid. Then coronavirus struck.

Winners: Idaho student body leaders sign letter denouncing state’s new anti-trans laws

Student body leaders from Idaho’s four public universities recently penned a joint letter addressed to Gov. Brad Little expressing their opposition to the bills.

Hopeful: Advocates ask court to stop Idaho governor’s ban on trans student athletes

The ACLU filed an injunction Thursday to stop HB500 from taking effect on July 1.

Hopeful: Olympic rower Robbie Manson battles monotony as his dream is deferred a year

Robbie Manson had dreams of winning an Olympic medal, but now must train alone and keep fit and sharp with the Games postponed.

Winner or Loser? The ‘Tequila Sunrise’ Houston Astros jersey

All this week, Outsports is joining SB Nation in looking back at our favorite and least favorite sports jerseys, unis and kits. We begin with the 1975-1986 jerseys of the Houston Astros.

Winners: The Dodgers are an easy choice for best uniform in baseball

Dodger Blue just feels like baseball, says our Ken Schultz.

Winners: My Top 10 favorite sports jerseys of all-time

Apparently, I have a thing for teal, says our Brian C. Bell.

Winners: 3 teams that channeled the rainbow with their jerseys

The Denver Nuggets, Hawaii Rainbow Warriors and at least one other have embraced the rainbow.

Winner: Toronto’s getting its own NWHL team, and we have some ideas

A modest proposal of five jersey designs for the upcoming NWHL expansion to Toronto.

Winner: My favorite jersey: ‘Team Slurpee’

Once upon a time, an American cycling team sponsored by a convenience store took on the world, and looked cool doing it.

Loser: When Cleveland wore uniforms that weren’t Major League

Unlike their play on the field, when it came to combining hideousness and racism, the 1970s Indians couldn’t be beat.

Winners: 10 pro wrestling looks that exude LGBTQ Pride

A wrestler’s gear is basically their jersey, and pro wrestling has rainbows for days.

Winner: Was this the coolest jersey ever worn by Wade Boggs?

Etched in a rainbow gradient, underscored by a slithery sea creature, the name struck fear into Florida’s church ladies.

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