Guillaume Cizeron is enjoying the perfect Olympics. The gay French skater and his partner Gabriella Papadakis set a world record in ice dance, and then won gold.

And now he’s made our hearts melt.

Cizeron shared an adorable photo Tuesday with his gold medal, with a nod to his incredible feat. “Woke up and it was still on my bedside table…it wasn’t a dream!!,” he wrote.

The post has been “liked” nearly 40,000 times as of publication. Fellow out Olympians Brittany Bowe and Lewis Gibson sent their congratulations as well. Team LGBTQ sticks together.

Cizeron and Papadakis won gold Monday in what they’ve dubbed their “revenge tour” after taking home silver four years ago in South Korea. Cizeron skates for France and lives in Montreal.

Last week, Dutch speedskater Ireen Wüst won her sixth Winter Olympics gold medal in the women’s 1,500-meter final. Wüst and Cizeron are two of the 36 out LGBTQ Winter Olympians.

Cizeron publicly came out as gay in 2020 with an Instagram post celebrating his boyfriend. In a subsequent interview, Cizeron expressed surprise at how well the picture was received, considering he didn’t hide his sexuality.

“It was quite funny how people reacted to this photo,” he told the French LGBTQ magazine Tetu. “I would not consider myself in the closet before posting this [photo], so I don’t really consider it coming out.”

But as we know, there’s a difference between not masking your sexuality and officially coming out. Cizeron is now one of the most decorated publicly out figure skaters in the world.

That’s not a dream, either.