LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - SEPTEMBER 2 4: NBC Sports analyst Tony Dungy looks on after the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Las Vegas Raiders 23-18 at Allegiant Stadium on September 24, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. | Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Tony Dungy is at it again, talking about stuff he knows nothing about and being given a platform despite being pretty bad at his NFL commentary job at NBC.

This time, Dungy spoke to Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo at the Hula Bowl about a number of topics. When Arroyo asked Dungy about the effect the NFL attention to Taylor Swift is having on the game, Dungy — shockingly, I know — was able to fit multiple pieces of absolute nonsense into one sentence.

“That’s the thing that’s disenchanting people with sports now,” Dungy said. “There’s so much on the outside that’s coming in, entertainment value and different things that’s taking away from what really happens on the field.”

Dungy is the former head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts. While with the Colts he raised money to oppose same-sex marriage. Last year he likened trans kids to cats who need litter boxes.

He is currently an NFL analyst for NBC.

Oh, people are disenchanted with sports? Funny, because NFL ratings for this season were up 7% over last season, and they were the highest since 2015. Monday Night Football ratings were up 29%.

If that’s “disenchantment,” any TV network would be thrilled to “disenchant” their fans.

Could it be that Dungy is just mad that, as I wrote months ago, Swift is making the NFL must-watch TV for gay Swifties? Most likely, he’s a 68-year-old man who isn’t in touch with America’s TV viewers.

This “let’s just watch the game” nonsense from Dungy is the same old trumped-up distraction trotted out by anti-LGBTQ people who are now decrying Pride Nights and any celebration of the LGBTQ community in sports.

Dungy’s mention of “different things” also leading to this mythical “disenchantment” of people with sports — given his two decades of advocating against LGBTQ rights and making awful anti-LGBTQ statements — smacks of this “stop with the rainbow flags” movement.

If “entertainment value” is so bad for the game, why hasn’t Dungy been decrying cheerleaders? They are there strictly for “entertainment value.”

Or how about the Super Bowl Halftime Show? Where are Dungy’s pronouncements against Usher taking center stage in Las Vegas next month when he performs at the Super Bowl?

I’m sure Dungy will be leading a march on Allegiant Stadium.

If “different things” are so bad for sports, where is Dungy’s criticism of the NFL’s military-focused “Salute To Service”? Some sports teams have Christian Nights — why has Dungy been so silent about those?

Of all the things Dungy could have mentioned to analyze why anyone might lose interest in the NFL, it’s his own dull appearances talking about the NFL on NBC.

Unfortunately, NFL fans are going to have to continue to endure Dungy until NBC decides to get rid of him, or he decides to retire from broadcasting. Thankfully, NBC has already saved us from having to listen to Dungy call another NFL Playoff game.