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aussie rules football

Former AFL champion Dani Laidley, outed as trans in 2020, tells her story in new documentary

One of the most remarkable Australian sports stories of recent times is told in ‘Revealed: Danielle Laidley: Two Tribes" which has received positive reviews.

2 Australian cops suspended over leaked pics of Aussie Rules coach in wig and dress

Victoria Police are expected to charge officers accused of leaking photos of former North Melbourne coach and premiership player Dean Laidley inside a police station.

Trans athlete withdraws from AFLW draft, blasts league’s ‘inclusion’ effort

Hannah Mouncey has tried to be selected in the AFLW draft but says the league has treated her ‘like shit.’

The AFLW is still trying to figure out a trans policy for players

Hannah Mouncey would like to be in the AFLW draft this autumn.

Australia voters endorse same-sex marriage with huge support from the sports world

Over 61% of voters said ‘Yes’ to gay marriage.

Women’s pro football league bans transgender player from AFLW draft

The AFLW has told Hanna Mouncey she is not welcome in the league this year.

Ahead of Pride Game, Aussie footballer Nic Newman talks about his gay brother

Sydney Swans host their pride match this Saturday.

Former AFL coach says gays ‘don't do the crap that heterosexuals do’

Kevin Sheedy thinks gays are ‘beautiful.’

Australian athletes to wear LGBT rainbow laces this weekend

Campaign designed to raise awareness about homophobia.

Out WNBA player Erin Phillips wins Aussie Rules Football MVP Award

Phillips racked up the awards Down Under this season.

Aussie Rules Football League players come out as gay couple

Australian couple still not allowed to marry.

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Aussie Rules Football holds Pride Game

Sports radio host launches homophobic tirade

These two New Zealand radio hosts took aim at just about everybody, including those 'homos' in Aussie Rules Football's tight pants.

Slurs almost drove Aussie Rules player from sport

Dimitri Petrakis says even his boyfriend heard the comments at a game.

Pro team wants to host primetime Gay Pride game

The AFL's St. Kilda F.C. Saints want to make a bit statement about inclusion by hosting an LGBT pride night in primetime next season

Aussie athletes march against homophobia

Gay athletes and straight allies part of three floats leading the parade.

'Bottomphobia' & sexism in celebrating victory

Australian actor Rob Mills celebrated the Australian Football League championship with a photo of two "men" having sex, playoff off the idea that women and "bottoms" are weak and losers.

Aussie Rules Football player comes out as gay

Rhyian Anderson-Morley plays in a semi-pro league says he sees the "the good, the bad and the ugly" in his sport.

Gay Aussie athletes get support from pro sports

Stars from all of the top Australian pro sports leagues create a You Can Play video, as the heads of all the leagues unite for a joint press conference in support of gay athletes.

Aussie sports chiefs support gay sports together

Australian sports heads of ARU, NRL, AFL & FFA are coming together to support the Bingham Cup.

Journalist: AFL not ready for gay players

Another media member indicts everyone else while claiming how forward and positive "the media" is.

Judge slams father for labeling AFL 'fairy footbal

Jason Akermanis weighs in on the state of homophobia in Aussie Rules Football

Jason Ball to talk to young Aussie Rules Football players about being an out athlete

Photos: Aussie Rules Football players romp in the surf

Jason Akermanis dumped from Aussie football


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