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Red Sox and Mets give drag queens a chance to shine during Pride Night celebrations

At a time when the drag community is under attack, the Sox and Mets show their support for the art form.

28.5 MLB teams announce Pride Nights, unveiling some killer swag

From rainbow hoodies to pregame dance parties to Dale Scott’s first pitch tour, 28ish teams are celebrating MLB Pride. Take a wild guess whom we’re still waiting on.

Pitcher Liam Hendriks reveals Pride Night played a role in contract negotiations

Through his support for our community, Sox closer also demonstrates the impact that being a good ally can have on LGBTQ fans and players.

After coming out, gay pro baseball player Bryan Ruby played better and got more offers from teams

Bryan Ruby was told that he wouldn’t get work in baseball if he came out. Now he’s showing the true path to inclusion.

Rays pitcher Jason Adam’s homophobia undercuts every message of welcome on Pride Night

Adam’s message about our ‘lifestyle’ reinforces an ugly stereotype about how athletes view the LGBTQ community.

Dodgers’ Pride Night first pitch to honor Glenn Burke’s legacy

The Burke family’s first pitch is an indication that although it took decades, the Dodgers are finally dedicated to elevating a trailblazing gay athlete’s legacy.

Dodgers/Giants rivalry shows how rainbow caps can spread throughout MLB

The popularity of the Giants’ rainbow SF caps meant that we’d soon be seeing Pride LA caps too. Here’s how that trend can continue to grow.

Yes, Twitter trolls, MLB already has Christian Nights and Straight Nights

Twitter trolls love to ask "When’s hetero night?" whenever a team announces a Pride Day. So we thought we’d answer them once and for all.

Sean Murphy’s big, beautiful butt is a baseball feel-good moment

Oakland Athletics catcher Sean Murphy has gotten a lot of compliments after his butt got in the way of a baseball.

Texas Rangers to finally hold a Pride night*

*But it’s not the kind of Pride you’re thinking of.

The Outsports LGBTQ Guide to the 2022 MLB Season

In honor of Opening Day, here is each MLB team’s connection to the LGBTQ community and a quick prediction for the year ahead.

Ray Gibson opens up about coming out as the transgender son of baseball legend Bob Gibson

The transgender son of Bob Gibson details his lifelong journey to self-acceptance and his loving but difficult relationship with his legendary father.

MLB ownership’s lockout crushes this gay baseball fan’s pride

Ordinarily during spring, I look forward to writing about baseball’s Pride events. The lockout makes that all but impossible.

Good on the Red Sox for immediately releasing this racist and homophobic prospect

The Red Sox released Brett Netzer after the infielder went on a hateful social media tirade.

Gay MLB exec Erik Braverman & model Jonathan Cottrell get married at Dodger Stadium

On a stunning January L.A. afternoon, family and friends gather to celebrate Dodger Stadium history for Erik Braverman and Jonathan Cottrell.

College baseball player comes out, hopes he can help others accept themselves

Brian Zapp is a D1 baseball player who wants to build awareness in sports. His team says they are proud of him.

New Cooperstown electee Minnie Miñoso was a Hall of Fame dad his gay son needed

The newest Hall of Famer is an inspiration to Latin Americans. But his relationship with his gay son Charlie is reason for LGBTQ fans to celebrate his election too.

Help a gay sports fan pay his hospital bills as he recovers from a drive-by shooting

Bay Area sport fan Marco Chavez-López is recovering after being shot in the face. His friends have established a Gofundme.

Dusty Baker’s allyship is the most inspiring LGBTQ story of the 2021 World Series

While both the Astros and Braves have sometimes had problematic histories, Baker’s embrace and mentorship of Glenn Burke makes him worthy of our admiration.

Rangers and Braves drop the ball for LGBTQ youth on Spirit Day, while Astros get a save

Many in the sports world stepped up for LGBTQ youth on Spirit Day, but the Rangers and Braves weren’t having it.

Red Sox are using an iconic gay pop anthem as their rallying cry 

This postseason, the Red Sox haven’t been afraid to dance on their own.

Kiké Hernández goes from Bend & Snap sensation to Red Sox postseason hero

While all of MLB is talking about Hernández’s scintillating October, gay baseball fans knew he was going to be a star two years ago.

Why Cody Bellinger’s ‘shoved it up our butt’ quote was revealing

In paying an opponent a compliment, the Dodgers star went for a sexual reference.

Bryan Ruby says his teammates, coaches and fans all had his back as he came out as gay

The pro baseball player tells other gay, bi and queer athletes that even if they feel isolated, they are not alone.

Kieran Lovegrove’s coming out story shows how baseball is ready for openly LGBTQ players

In coming out to his minor league teammates as bisexual, Lovegrove’s example shows how baseball is in a better place than it’s ever been.

Here are the MLB Playoff teams ranked by Pride swag

Surprise! The Giants are going to do really well on this list.

SF Giants clinch playoff berth after showing MLB how Pride should be done

The Giants’ LGBTQ outreach demonstrates how a team adopting a 21st century mentality can be successful both on and off the field.

Gay pro baseball player Bryan Ruby found inspiration reading these 39 LGBT sports books

Gay pro baseball player Bryan Ruby shares his favorite books about LGBT athletes, plus his entire reading list.

Pro baseball player Bryan Ruby comes out as gay

Ruby has been out and working in the LGBTQ sports space for a while, sharing his favorite books with Outsports readers.

Retired umpire Dale Scott records voiceover for Hall of Fame’s video series

Harkening back to his days in radio, Scott lends his talents to narrate a Cooperstown-worthy segment on baseball’s international tours.

Here are all of the 2021 Pride Nights in Major League Baseball

Currently, 23 teams have a Pride Night on their 2021 promotional calendars. There will probably be more and we’ll keep this list updated.

Houston Astros to hold first Pride night since 2010, against only team to never have one

While Astros publicly recognize their LGBTQ fans, the Rangers continue their streak of never having a Pride night.