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Catholic high school corrects a 63-year-old homophobic wrong, honors gay track star

After a long and successful career in politics and comedy, Tom Ammiano finally receives a varsity track letter he earned with a 1958 victory.

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The Outsports Awards for 2020

Outsports named nine honorees in 2020, adding two new categories to recognize greater diversity and an inspiring moment.

Outsports Asshole of the Year: World Rugby

This year’s dishonor for doing the most harm to LGBTQ sports goes to the governing body for the sport of international rugby, awarded in this case for banning transgender women athletes. The ADF takes second place.

‘I’m doing what Jesus would want:’ Christian school headmaster expelled gay athlete for his ‘lifestyle’

Covenant Christian Academy in Texas kicked out track athlete Devin Bryant, just days before starting his senior year, because he’s gay.

This week’s LGBT Sports winners and losers capital of the world

It was a lousy week for 2 guys who talk for a living and other big stories of the past 7 days.

Natalie Florescu played basketball for a Christian college until she couldn’t be queer there anymore

Now an EMT, Florescu had to leave Westmont College for her own mental health and happiness

Lesbian couple sues P.E. teacher for anti-LGBTQ discrimination

The couple’s son was allegedly forced to attend ‘Teens For Christ’ meetings and endure anti-LGBTQ ‘sermons’ in order to play for his middle school’s basketball team.

Attorney Gen. William Barr: Don’t treat transgender girls as girls

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a brief this week in a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by three cisgender athletes in Connecticut, who say it’s unfair for them to compete against trans girls.

Margaret Court says ‘Blood of Jesus’ protects her church from coronavirus

Former tennis player and longtime homophobe ignores science in her statements about coronavirus.

Steve Young continues his support for LGBTQ students at BYU

The former 49ers quarterback continues his support for LGBTQ inclusion in the Mormon church.

BYU students protest letter clarifying that ‘same sex romantic behavior’ still banned

Brigham Young University tweeted a letter by a Mormon Elder clarifying changes to its honor code, triggering a protest by LGBTQ students and allies.

A contrite Billie Jean King tells Margaret Court: ‘Don’t judge us’ and ‘be kind’

Tennis legend Billie Jean King says she’s "going to stop, probably" calling for the renaming of the Margaret Court Arena, but wants to see Court be "more loving."

Out bisexual runner at BYU expresses ‘disappointment and confusion’ over Honor Code change

Bi athlete Emma Gee says "the removal of the ‘homosexual behavior’ provision has not made it easier to be out at BYU."

ADF sues Connecticut for letting trans girls compete in high school sports

The Alliance Defending Freedom filed suit in federal court against the Connecticut Association of Schools over its trans-inclusive policy toward student athletes.

Israel Folau’s signing with French rugby league inspires rival club to declare a Pride Day

The Wigan Warriors will be hosting an LGBTQ celebration on the day they meet Folau’s new club.

Dave Roberts’ visit with Fellowship of Christian Athletes gets the benefit of the doubt

The Dodgers manager said he didn’t know about FCA’s anti-gay policies, but that he supports inclusion.

Martina slams homophobe Margaret Court for ‘hiding behind her Bible’

Tennis icon Martina Navratilova called out Australian tennis legend Margaret Court in a tweet: "amazing how strong her homophobia truly is…"

Atlanta Dream owner Kelly Loeffler is about to become the newest U.S. Senator

Loeffler’s support for religious liberty legislation stands in opposition to those shared by the organization she runs, the WNBA and a number of other Georgia businesses.

Dolphins visit Florida Stonewall Museum and Islamic Center

Isaiah Ford, Steven Parker and Christian Wilkins visited the Stonewall National Museum and Islamic Center of Greater Miami as part of its annual Football Unites Cultural Tour.

These NFL players’ cleats support homophobia and oppose bullying

Six NFL players are raising money for the anti-gay Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Four support the end of bullying.

“We have been vindicated!” Israel Folau and Rugby Australia reach settlement

Former rugby star Israel Folau, who said "hell awaits" gay people, settled with Rugby Australia for a confidential amount, according to a joint statement.

Hell freezes over: Chick-fil-A ends anti-LGBTQ donations

After years of criticism, the Chick-fil-A Foundation’s new charitable strategy finally ends donations to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and The Salvation Army.

Is Mark Jackson ‘blackballed’ by the NBA for his anti-gay beliefs?

Andre Iguodala claims ESPN commentator Mark Jackson is out of the NBA because of gay Warriors exec Rick Welts.

LGBTQ protests disrupt the 1st match of the Vatican women’s soccer team

Activists unfurled a pro-gay banner while others handed out leaflets opposing Catholic policies.

Angry Birds: This baseball team dropped Chick-fil-A

The Madison, Wisconsin Mallards ended their business relationship with Chick-fil-A over the company’s reputation for supporting anti-LGBTQ causes.

Chick-fil-A defends donations to Christian anti-LGBTQ youth sports organization

The head of the Chick-fil-A Foundation justified a million dollar donation to the FCA as "a much higher calling than any political or cultural war that’s being waged."

Fellowship of Christian Athletes targets LGBTQ community with Statement of Faith

Many FCA members have no idea the organization stands firmly against the dignity and respect of LGBTQ student-athletes and their relationships.

When I criticized Chick-fil-A, some Christians and conservatives sent vile messages

The level of hate, vitriol and misinformation from some Christians and conservatives defending Chick-fil-A is eye-opening.

Chick-fil-A’s participation in sports is still a big ‘F-you’ to LGBTQ people

Chick-fil-A gives millions of dollars each year to a group that espouses discrimination against gay athletes.

Emily Scheck’s gofundme hits $100k as athlete stops accepting donations

"A nation came together to help out a person in need and showed that Emily was worth fighting for."

NCAA to allow disowned gay athlete to keep donations and eligibility

Emily Scheck was left in poverty by her parents who disowned her for being gay. Now she will get financial help she needs.

This gay college athlete was disowned by her parents and left with nothing

The NCAA has determined Emily Scheck can keep outside donations made to her, as well as keep her eligibility.


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