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Olympics screw gays with 2022 host-city vote

The IOC included sexual orientation in its Principle 6 and claimed to be focusing more on LGBT rights in selecting host cities. Last week the IOC said, "screw you, gays, we need the cash!"

Only frauds oppose Caitlyn Jenner's ESPY Award

Caitlyn Jenner is somehow unworthy of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award tonight at the ESPYs, but I don't remember the same complaints about other former athletes.

Nike, Adidas & Converse race for 'pink dollars'

With their pride shoes honoring the LGBT community, Nike, Adidas and Converse give new meaning to 'gay apparel.'

Watch gay coach's acceptance speech

Saunders High School boys basketball coach talks about coming out as gay in his Coach of the Year acceptance speech.

Why Michael's last dance was so emotional for me

Michael Sam danced last night to 'I'm Not My Father's Son' from Kinky Boots. He told the story of his relationship with his dad, who has made anti-gay statements about Michael. It hit home for Dan and me, who struggle with his father's homophobia.

LGBT issues not top-of-mind at NFL Annual Meeting

With no openly gay player in the NFL, other issues are taking center stage at the league's Annual Meeting in Phoenix.

Watch: NCAA tourney #OutMadness preview show

What are the chances Kentucky and UConn both go all the way?

Homophobes, please don't say you're sorry

Just because you're sorry you got caught believing gay people don't deserve equality, that does not mean you should apologize. You slip up with a word? Fine. But you expound on your bigotry? I don't want to hear it anymore.

"End bullying" message at NFL Experience

The NFL, USA Network and Cox have put the "End Bullying" message front-and-center for the NFL Experience at the Super Bowl.

More out athletes than actors?

With all of the LGBT athletes and coaches coming out, the sports world is quickly becoming a beacon of inclusion.

Study: LGBT people only tool in changing minds

A new study says what we have believed for a while: The only effective way to make change for LGBT athletes is for said athletes to come out and share their stories.

Tony Dungy welcomes Ray Rice, rejects Michael Sam

Tony Dungy said on NBC Sunday night that he would welcome the wife-beating Ray Rice onto a team. He has said repeatedly he would not want the gay Michael Sam on his team.

Tim Cook's message for closeted athletes

Tim Cook has opened up part of his private life to the public, opting to help LGBT people instead.

Teams with Michael Sam win, lose after cutting him

Numbers Never Lie: Signing Michael Sam does not in any way hurt a team's chances of winning.

NFL, PGA, NBA, others meet to discuss diversity

Sports leagues meet at PGA National this week to discuss diversity, including LGBT issues.

'Bottomphobia' & sexism in celebrating victory

Australian actor Rob Mills celebrated the Australian Football League championship with a photo of two "men" having sex, playoff off the idea that women and "bottoms" are weak and losers.

This is how you handle a Kiss Cam

One couple at a Dodgers-Giants game knew how to handle a Kiss Cam

Catching up with US gymnast Josh Dixon

Josh Dixon came out on Outsports two years ago and has been a top-15 gymnast for the U.S. the whole time.

Why Ravens fans still wear Ray Rice jerseys

The reason Ravens fans are still wearing Ray Rice jerseys is pretty simple.

Football is about more than football

We have allowed people in the NFL to hide behind X's and O's for too long. The Ray Rice incident has made it clear: It's time they all took a stand on the very key societal issues they are helping shape.

Watch DirecTV's gay football fan commercial

DirecTV aired the commercial featuring a gay couple during the Packers-Seahawks game on NBC.

Making a cocktail & previewing the NFL season

How to make a sidecar and what to expect this NFL season.

Watch Michael Sam's big play in Cowboys Stadium

Michael Sam played in AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, earlier this year and made a monster play.

Sam makes the grade. Will he make the Rams?

Michael Sam led the St. Louis Rams in tackles in his final preseason game. But will the St. Louis Rams keep him?

Watch: Same-sex couple ballroom dancing

Same-sex ballroom dancing is one of the most popular sports at the Gay Games

ESPN reporter on Michael Sam's showering habits

Josina Anderson decides to answer a question about Michael Sam by diving into whether the gay NFL player is getting naked with his teammates. Pathetic.

Ice Bucket Challenge at Gay Games pool

Cyd Zeigler takes Brian Sims' Ice Bucket Challenge in honor of longtime Outsports reader Mark Kari. He recruited some Gay Games swimmers to help.

Video: Swimming crowd's big cheers

The Gay Games crowd at swimming encouraged a struggling swimmer and sent a great message of inclusion.

Catholic school should embrace gay coach

Hopefully St. Mary High School will embrace Nate Alfson now that he's publicly out, just as they did before he made his announcement.

Becky Hammon deserves the credit for her hiring

The San Antonio Spurs deserve applause, but Becky Hammon deserves all the credit for opening the opportunity for the first female full-time assistant coach in NBA history.

Gay Games 9 kicks off in Cleveland next week

The Gay Games are returning to the Midwest, arriving in Cleveland with the Opening Ceremony on Aug. 9.

David Tyree does not support conversion therapy

David Tyree called me this weekend. I believe everything he told us last week through his statements to Wade Davis.