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Anthony Bowens and Michael Pavano hit it big with ‘Love Is Blind’ parody videos

The two boyfriends have found a fun outlet for their creativity on YouTube.

Former NFLer Esera Tuaolo is Polly Lava in Provincetown this summer

Beaten up as a boy for dressing in girls’ clothes, Tuaolo is proudly reclaiming his once-tortured childhood.

Two Texas Rangers have been grabbing each other’s crotch at games. Now they say they’ll stop.

Joey Gallo and Nomar Mazara show, with their little gesture, that the barriers of homophobia in sports are fading away.

See how some out athletes have been dressing for Halloween

Jason Collins, Gus Kenworthy, Angel McCoughtry and others don their gay apparel for Halloween.

Two Arizona baseball players posed with each other for these cute ‘prom’ pics

Wearing their baseball uniforms to prom. Adorbs.

Anti-Russia World Cup ad tries to show how ‘gay’ soccer is

Stereotyping gay men has already driven this commercial from TV.

The NHL has reportedly asked Brad Marchand to stop licking opponents

Marchand says he licked Leo Komarov because ‘he’s cute.’

‘Roseanne’ ends the night with a genderqueer character shooting hoops

The ABC show didn’t shy away from upending gender norms.

Closed captioning screw-up writes that rugby referee ‘is a gay’

While the BBC system was technically accurate, it was still a mistake.

When he was 12, Adam Rippon tried to teach this reporter to skate. Comedy gold.

Sometimes even a future Olympian can’t teach a guy new tricks.

Adam Rippon needs a Xanax, a drink and better Olympic condoms

Rippon still has a few days before his competition is over.

Adam Rippon loves his healing crystals

Rippon isn’t averse to some ‘hocus-pocus.’

Book of cartoons looks at sports from a gay angle

‘The Outfield’ shows the intersection of LGBT culture and masculinity.

Olympic gold medalist apologizes for asking if his shoes are ‘Gay or next gen?’

Some say the photo was a bad thing. Was it?

Rafael Nadal is married to a gay man in a new play

‘The Rafa Play’ imagines the tennis legend as a gay icon.

Ottawa Senators hockey announcers discuss Grindr for some reason

‘I can only imagine what's found on Grindr or who's found on Grindr.’

Margaret Court says gay marriage is the end of Christmas. Martina snaps back in a tweet.

Yes, Martina, the gays do love their holidays.

Keith Hernandez makes gay crack about San Francisco

Hernandez says he didn’t intend to make a gay joke.

Jason Collins is a handmaid for Halloween

And a certain sexy gay actor was a not-so-sexy handMarge.

Former Premier League star tweets LGBT support via skeleton jokes

Neville Southall apparently loves the gays, trans people and skeletons.

Meryl Streep kind of walks back her snide football comment in front of HRC crowd

Streep relies on a gay stereotype to make her point.

A new book chronicles this gay athlete’s experiences driving for Uber and Lyft

Ubered: My Life as a Rideshare Driver is a wild ride.

Packers-Steelers Super Bowl should be one for the ages

With easy wins, Green Bay and Pittsburgh show they belong in the big game.

No, Jimmer Fredette is not leaving basketball for his boyfriend

The Twitter hackers strike again.

Of course some jerk just had to put a gay flag on Beckham’s Giant boat

Adding a rainbow flag isn’t funny, it’s stupid.

Outsports lost a crossbow sale by being 'perverse'

We get some odd letters.

Why Irvin wanted to slip Cowboys CEO 'some tongue'

Something going on with the Cowboys has NFL great Michael Irvin so excited, he kissed Stephen Jones and didn't want to stop there.

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Is half a beard better than none?

Italian high jumper Gianluco Tamberi has decided to start a new facial-hair trend. Or not.

Rogers: I'll wear glitter and a tiara in World Cup

Robbie Rogers gives a colorful answer when Chelsea Handler asks him about possibly playing in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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Prince Harry pinches Invictus Game nipples

Prince Harry certainly doesn't mind causing a stir, as he did by pinching the nipples of a veteran soldier before the Invictus Games. Oh Harry.

MMA is gay porn for straight guys

New York Assemblyman Danny O'Donnell pointed out what we've all been thinking for years: Straight guys love gay porn. Dude.

How Outsports pre-determined last 2 NFL champs

The New England Patriots and Denver Broncos have won the last two Super Bowls in no small part because Outsports was in the press box. At least, that's our story.


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