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Queer Eye for... Gritty?!

The boys wrap their 5th season of Queer Eye on Netflix with a mock makeover for the Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty.

It’s always Pride in Philadelphia

The Flyers beat the Capitals in Wednesday’s Pride-themed home game.

This week’s winners and losers in LGBTQ sports

From Australia to USA Powerlifting, here’s our look back on the heroes and the goats of the past week.

Flyers mascot Gritty steals the show at Philly Pride

Uber-popular Philadelphia Flyers mascot shows support for LGBTQ community with Pride flag

Ohio State's Brutus returns to Pride parade.

Both Ohio State and Ohio University announced today they will send their mascots to the Columbus LGBT Pride parade, a day after Ohio State withdrew its mascot for safety reasons.

Ohio State pulls mascot from gay pride parade

The Ohio State Buckeyes claim a gay pride parade is no longer safe for their mascot.

N.D. Sioux gets Native American support

Sacre Bleu! A Mascot Comes Out

Montreal's mascot comes out of the closet. Sort of.