Riley Gaines, the former University of Kentucky swimmer who has advocated for a ban of trans women in the female sports category, made a pretty bold — and utterly false — claim this week about gay athletes.

The assertion came in response to American sports superstar Megan Rapinoe advocating for the inclusion of trans women in women’s sports. Gaines took exception to this, claiming Rapinoe’s career is over, and also

“It’s worth noting that… because you aren’t sexually attracted to men, it’s unlikely you will ever have a daughter to defend.”

While Rapinoe, who is engaged to marry WNBA legend Sue Bird, has no children, that could easily change in the coming months and years.

In 2023, same-sex couples have access to various family-building options, including gestational surrogacy, IVF and adoption. And as same-sex couples become more accepted in society, the number choosing to have children is growing fast.

That also includes single LGBTQ people.

Gaines should take note of the many, many thousands of LGBTQ people who have kids, including these athletes and other out people in and around sports:

Kamilla Rytter Juhl and Christinna Pedersen, Badminton

Anya and Madison Packer, hockey

Meghan Duggan and Jillian Apps, hockey

Caroline Oullette and Judy Chu, hockey

Diana Taurasi, basketball

Liz Carmouche, MMA

Robbie Rogers, soccer

Joanna Lohman, soccer

Tom Daley, diving

Sam Rapoport, football

Rebekkah Brunson, basketball

Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger, soccer

Brian Vahaly, tennis

Brian Vahaly has shared many photos of his kids.

Candace Parker, basketball

Jolanta Ogar-Hill, sailing

Layshia Clarendon, basketball

Breanna Stewart and Marta Xargay, basketball

Molly Gallatin, golf

PGA exec Molly Gallatin and her wife with their baby.

Sarah Taylor, cricket

Demi Stokes, soccer

Nuno Costa, Crossfit

Jeff Rohrer, football

This list obviously isn’t fully comprehensive. If you have anyone we should add to the list, feel free to leave a comment, share on social media or email us at [email protected].