This was an incredible year for LGBT people in sports, with so many of them coming out publicly. From Outsports' tally, 109 athletes, coaches, officials, sports administrators and sports media members came out to the world in 2014. And as we did initially with our list last year, we're sure we missed a couple (let us know if we did).

Our list contains current high school athletes and coaches, and current and former college and professional athletes, coaches and administrators, along with sports folks in the media, who came out publicly in 2014. All told, 34 sports saw at least one person come out publicly. We had six coaches, four front-office execs, three members of the media and two officials share their sexual orientation and/or gender identity with the public.

To "come out publicly," someone must have had it written about by the mainstream media or had their revelation in social media picked up by the general media. Privately telling friends or family does not constitute coming out publicly.

Nine sports saw at least three athletes come out:

Swimming – 14
Football – 11
Track & field/Running – 10
Basketball – 9
Soccer – 7
Diving – 4
Tennis – 4
Baseball – 4
Volleyball – 3

Other sports represented: Aussie Rules Football, bobseld, boxing, cheer, fencing, field hockey, figure skating, gymnastics, hockey, hurling, kayak, lacrosse, luge, mixed martial arts, rowing, rugby, skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding, softball, strength, trampoline, triathlon, Ultimate and wrestling.

Broken up by gender, 81 are men and 28 are women.

If you haven't read some of these great stories, it's time to dive in over the holidays…

Nate Alfson – High school coach, South Dakota
Brian Amerlynck – Rugby player, Ireland
Rhyian Anderson-Morley – Aussie Rules Football Player, Australia
Bree Bailey – High school swimmer, Florida
Katie Barnes – Basketball coach
Ryan Beene – Tennis player, Texas Lutheran Univ.
Rob Brakel – Video director, Arizona Cardinals
Mason Briles – Fencer, Alabama
Beth Brooke – Basketball player, Purdue Univ.
Tristan Bunch – Triathlete
Vito Cammisano – Swimmer, Univ. of Missouri
Parker Camp – Swimming, Univ. of Virginia
Jean Cardona – Softball player, Univ. of Ottawa
Chris Cassingham – High school swimmer, Texas
LeQuan Chapman – Long jumper, Shippensburg Univ.
Callan Chythlook-Sifsof – Snow boarder, United States
Alexandre Coholan – Track & field, Université de Moncton
Scott Cooper – Football player, Augsburg College
Rosie Cossar – Olympic gymnast, Canada
Conor Cusack – Hurler, Ireland
Drew Davis – Volleyball player, Erskine College
Liam Davis – Soccer player, United Kingdom
Agata Dera – Soccer goalie, Drew Univ.
Matt Dooley – Tennis, Notre Dame
Kenny Dow – Seattle Storm executive
Simon Dunn – Bobsled, Australia
Mitch Eby – Football player, Chapman Univ.
Ana Laura Esteche – Boxer, Argentina
John Fennell – Olympic luger, Canada
Lane Forsman – Ultimate, Florida State
Jay Friestad – Swimmer, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Johanna Giménez – Boxer, Argentina
Derrick Gordon – Basketball player, Univ. of Massachusetts
Alejandro Graterol – High school baseball player, Washington
Tracey Griesbaum – Field hockey coach, Univ. of Iowa
Tina Hillman – Shot put & Discus, Iowa State Univ.
Thomas Hitzlsperger – Soccer player, Germany
Bruce Hobson – Swimmer, Univ. of Missouri
Liam Huffman – Swimmer, George Washington Univ.
Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, Olympic ski-jumping, Austria
Thomas James – Ironman triathlete
Barbara Jezersek – Olympic skiier, Slovenia
Nick Jessee – Swimmer, St. Louis Univ.
Glory Johnson – Basketball player, WNBA
Leah Johnson – Basketball player, Univ. of Richmond
Marcus Juhlin – Football player, Sweden
Matt Kaplon – Baseball player, Drew Univ.
Rob Kearney – Strength sports
Max Korten – Cross-country, Moravian College
Mark Kroll – Tennis player, Coe College
Charline Labonte – Olympic hockey goalie, Canada
Ben Larison – Baseball player, Coe College
Ari-Pekka Liukkonen – Olympic swimmer, Finland
Matt Llano – Distance runner, Univ. of Richmond, Arizona
Stephen Long – Rower, Univ. of Tampa
Tom Luchsinger – National champion swimmer, Univ. of North Carolina
Eric Lueshen – Football player, Univ. of Nebraska
Antonio Logan-El – Football player, Penn State
Robbie Manson – Olympic rower, New Zealand
Michelle Marciniak – Basketball player, Univ. of Tennessee
Drew Martin – Assistant athletic director, Texas Christian Univ.
Michael Martin – High school soccer, West Virginia
Ian Matos – Diver, Brazil
Desiree Mays – Cheerleader, Savannah State Univ.
Mark McAdam – Sportscaster, United Kingdom
Juan Mendoza – High school basketball, football & tennis player – Washington
Conner Mertens – Football, Willamette Univ.
Nadine Müller – Discus thrower, Germany
Conor Murphy – Diver, Indiana Univ.
Lauren Neidigh – Swimmer, Univ. of Arizona
Alex Obendorf – Diver, West Virginia Univ.
Josh Odom – Mixed martial arts, Florida
Austin Olivares – Swimmer, Florida Atlantic Univ.
Brian Olsen – Olympic Nordic skier, United States
Violet Palmer – NBA referee
Austin Parrish – Swimmer, Eastern Illinois Univ.
Pat Patterson – Professional wrestler, Canada
Dustin Petzold – Sportswriter
Eric Radford – Olympic figure skater, Canada
Miah Register – Basketball player, Univ. of Richmond, Farleigh-Dickinson
Holden Richards – Lacrosse player, Kenyon College
Evan Risk – High school track & cross-country coach, Iowa
Dawson Roscoe – High school track athlete, Wyoming
Greg Russell – Track Coach, Memphis
Michael Sam – Football player, Univ. of Missouri & NFL
Jeff Sanborn – High school cross-country coach, Connecticut
Ryan Sanders – Rugby, New Zealand
Chip Sarafin – Football player, Arizona State Univ.
Jourdan Elyse Sayers – Soccer player, Columbia Univ.
Matt Schulte – Baseball executive, Kansas City Royals
Dale Scott – Baseball umpire, Major League Baseball
Sam Sendel – Trampolinist, Canada
Julie Shaw – Basketball coach, Univ. of La Verne
Garrett Snoeyenbos – Football player, Vanderbilt, Navy
Casey Stoney – Soccer player, England
Gavin Studner – Tennis Player, Lafayette College
David Sweeney – Sprinter, Univ. of Michigan
Conor Taras – Sprint kayaker, Canada
Jack Thorne – High school swimmer, Colorado
Ian Thorpe – Olympic swimmer, Australia
Brad Thorson – Football player, Univ. of Wisconsin & Kansas
Juan Varona – Volleyball player, Erskine College
Haley Videckis, basketball player, Pepperdine Univ.
Anthony Villarreal – Distance runner, William Jessup Univ.
Chris Voth – Volleyball player, Canada
Layana White – Basketball player, Pepperdine Univ.
Chandler Whitney – Baseball player, Walla Walla Community College
Rebecca Windover – Soccer player, Alfred Univ.
Scott Winer – Pro sports camera operator

Here's to a list 200 long in 2015!

Pat Griffin contributed to this list.