Another year, another hundred or so stories of LGBT people in sports. It's become a hallmark of Outsports to tell these stories and highlight the acceptance and love every one of them experiences from family, teammates, coaches and the like.

The visibility these people bring is the most crucial tool in bringing to light the acceptance in sports that already exists. For every person who comes out publicly in the media, many more see that and find the strength to do the same in their own lives.

While there are certainly plenty of other people in sports — from high school to the pros — who shared their stories in the media and their identities in social media, these are the people we know came out publicly in 2015. If we missed you or someone you know, please let us know at [email protected].

Drew Allensworth, cheerleader, Oklahoma Univ.
Greg Arther, runner, Univ. of Wisconsin – Platteville
Ramona Bachmann, professional soccer player, Switzerland
Greg Bader, front-office executive, Baltimore Orioles
Schuyler Bailar, swimmer, Harvard
Cameron Banning, athletic announcer, Kansas State
Andrea Barone, professional hockey referee, Canada
Casey Bethel, high school baseball player, Oregon
Jamie Bissett, diver, Canada
Tom Bosworth, Olympic race walker, Britain
Erik Braverman, Los Angeles Dodgers executive
Caitlin Bullock, volleyball player, Erskine College
Jason Burch, Minor League Baseball player
Chris Burns, basketball coach, Bryant Univ.
Andres Bustani, tennis player, Lewis Clark State College, Idaho
Craig Butler, professional surfer, Ireland
Matt ‘Money’ Cage, professional wrestler
Mason Caminiti, bodybuilder, Ohio
Alanna Carvalho, lacrosse player, Erskine College
Alex Clark, diver, East Carolina Univ.
Spenser Clark, bat boy, Washington Nationals
Phil Claudy, runner, Dartmouth College
Terrence Clemens, basketball player, Northeastern Okla. A&M College
Alex Coletta, rower, Univ. of Michigan
Sean Collins, track & field, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Sean Conroy, baseball player, California
Kendall Covington, basketball player, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Mason Darrow, football player, Princeton Univ.
Ian Davies, runner, Shippensburg Univ., Pennsylvania
David Denson, Minor League Baseball player
Jon Denton-Schneider, swimmer, Univ. of Arizona
Cody Derby, athletics assistant, Kansas State
Matt Dils, high school golfer, Michigan
Alec Donovan, wrestler, Cal Poly
Konrad Eiring, high school runner, Illinois
Taylor Emery, basketball, Tulane
Florence Espiñeira, cyclist, Chile
Kendra Fisher, professional hockey player, Canada
Cole Fox, high school wrestler, Iowa
Hunter Fromang, basketball player, Randolph-Macon College
David Gilbert, runner, Lewis-Clark State College
Andrew Goodman, runner, Colorado State
Israel Gutierrez, ESPN commentator
Erik Hall, assistant sports editor, The Roanoke Times
Warren Hall, athletic chaplain, Seton Hall University
Fred Hartville, gymnast, Illinois
Matt Hatzke, Major League soccer player
Griffin Hay, runner, Univ. of Portland
Keegan Hirst, professional rugby player, England
Bree Horrocks, basketball, Purdue
Jared Indahl, assistant athletic director, South Dakota
Caitlyn Jenner, former Olympian, United States
Ayrton Kasemets, swimmer, Oakland Univ.
Chris Kelley, rower, Ithaca College
Bill Kennedy, NBA referee
Gus Kenworthy, skier, United States
Janae Marie Kroc, powerlifter, United States
Theodore Lisoski, semi-pro football player, Oregon
Yusaf Mack, professional boxer, USA
Dalton Maldonado, high school basketball player, Kentucky
Will Mansfield, golfer, Occidental College
Kyle Martin, high school lacrosse coach, Massachusetts
Jack Massari, high school baseball player, Massachusetts
Christian Mays, high school football player, Michigan
Kyra McClary, rowing, Smith College
Angel McCoughtry, WNBA player, Atlanta Dream
Macoy McLoughlin, soccer player, North Idaho College
Ben Meyer, runner, Clark University, Massachusetts
Max Milander, sportscaster, Oregon
Curt Miller, WNBA coach, Connecticut
Lauren Miranda, rowing, Duke
Eric Mitchell, ski jumper, Canada
Ryan Mizner, basketball coach, Central Michigan Univ.
Ryan Murtha, swimmer, Villanova
Connor Natella, soccer coach, England
Nathan Novosel, basketball player, Univ. of Rochester
Tyler Offutt, diver, Univ. of Indianapolis
Doug Ogilvie, diver, Western Illinois
Stephen Ossola, sports executive
Landon Patterson, high school cheerleader, Missouri
Tony Paul, baseball writer, Detroit News
Anthony Pepe, professional bowler
Bobby Petrino, Jr., high school football player, Kentucky
Mike Pucillo, wrestler, Ohio State
Noah Ratliff, high school water polo player, Oregon
Dalton Ray, high school football player, Wisconsin
Steve Reed, front-office executive, Washington Nationals
Adam Rippon, figure skater, Pennsylvania
Cameron Rogers, gymnast, Illinois
Nicholas “Rush” Rotas, mixed martial arts, Washington
Javier Ruisanchez, swimmer, Virginia
Andrew Schweitzer, high school runner, Washington
Austin Shupp, runner, Shippensburg Univ.
Jazmine Sosa, softball, UCLA
Sam Stanley, professional rugby player, England
Jesse Taylor, basketball player, Dakota Wesleyan Univ.
Linda Villumsen, cyclist, New Zealand
Michael Van Reekum, football player, Hampden-Sydney College
Chad Walker, runner, Potomac State College of W.V. Univ.
Ryan Ward, acrobatic gymnast, California
Sean Warren, high school football player, Arizona
Tanner Wilfong, diver, Univ. of Miami
Harrison Wilkerson, high school football player, North Carolina
Tanner Williams, pole vaulter, Oklahoma Univ.
Rex Woodbury, runner, Dartmouth College